Doing the High School abroad had always been my dream. I have always wanted to learn about other cultures, meet new people and be able to have a remarkable experience. I started looking for options and Travelmate was able to help me accomplish my dream. I went to the USA and stayed in Orlando, FL and there I had the best year of my life. This experience was so much better than what I had ever imagined. I accomplished my dream, experienced new things and learned to see things in a different way, a way that only an exchange student can understand. I don’t regret one second, and I would actually do this again as many times as possible.

Roberto Benko Neto, Brazil

My experience in Orlando was amazing! I met people from all over the world and I was very lucky to stay with the Veney’s. I had a blast during my exchange program. It helped me learn many things and grow a lot as a person. Besides all that I got a family that will be in my heart and in my life forever. I’m very thankful for Travelmate USA support in Brazil and in Orlando.

Caroline Gasparim, Brazil

I’m very honored to have shared my life this year in the USA.  Here I met a lot of friends, some of them are local people and some are from different countries. I had the best year of my life here. The life of studying here was not difficult and I won many honors and awards at my school.  My host family is very good, my mum and dad are both very nice people and they always help me in life skills and language problems. I really enjoyed this year of my life. I went to New York with my host family during Christmas. It was my first Christmas in the USA and that was really cool!  I like to go shopping with my friends at the mall and we also go to Universal Studios together.  My mum taught me to take the transportation bus and I know how to go anywhere I want, that’s very interesting.  There is a Chinese supermarket here, we can take the bus and get our country’s food and lots of things that other places don’t have.  My friends and I usually go there together. I had a tremendous experience as I was chosen to take part in the Vision of Flight Aerodynamic labs and fly in simulator and airplanes. I feel so good because I experienced nice things in the US and in Florida.  I will go to an American college now and I feel happy that I began my journey with the help of my host family. I also enjoy American movies, they’re awesome! In a word, I love here!

Marshall Dong, China

I had an amazing experience on Travelmate USA High School Program. I had the opportunity to meet people from many countries, made many friends, including through sports in school and in my neighborhood. I lived with a very nice host family who really taught me a lot and helped me grow as a person. Doing the High School Program abroad means much more than just improving your English and seeing different things. It’s all about learning to live and seeing things in a different way.

Rafael Pelissaro, Brazil

Being an exchange student is a wonderful thing. I have learned so many things during my exchange year and I learned a lot about my personality. I did the Mix Program. I started my program in Orlando and I had a wonderful time. My host family was very nice to me and I experienced the way to live with an American family. At the beginning it was a big difference but after a while you get used to it and you really enjoy it. They took me out a lot and I went with them to Universal Studios and Disney World about every weekend as my host father worked for Disney. Going to school is a lot of fun too. The people from school are all nice and very interested in you because you are unique at your school and they don’t get to meet so many foreign people. After 5 months I moved to Miami and my whole life changed again. I had new people around me again and a new family too. But Miami is a big difference compared to Orlando and I love both cities. I made really good friends in Miami too and I see them every weekend and we always go to South Beach together So all in all it is a wonderful thing to be an exchange student and you can see your life from a whole different way. And you are the one who can decide what kind of experience you are going to have. You can have a good or a bad experience it’s all up to you to make the best out of it. Use the time wisely because this time has a limit and the time home will be always there for you.

Sandro Parpalioni, Germany

I have played tennis tournaments for a few years and I had a good ranking in Brazil, which is where I’m from, but I always felt like there was more to be done. I came to Orlando on Travelmate USA High School Program Plus Tennis and I started training there. That wasfor sure one of the best decisions of my life! I felt a huge difference on my game since the first lesson and I could not believe the things I was doing in my first week of training. I won several USTA tournaments and I was so happy about that. I know that this is just the beginning of an amazing journey.

Felipe Resende, Brazil

Having Matheus in our family for just a few short months was an experience we’ll never forget. We not only had the privilege of sharing our home and family with him, but we were able to meet his family on Skype as well. I felt as though his mother and I shared a common bond,… a son. My son found Matheus to be not only a friend, but considers him his brother. That is a bond that will last forever! We introduced him to some American traditions, and he shared some of his Brazilian traditions with us. I would not trade the time we had with Matheus for anything! I have only two regrets, I wish we could have done more with him while he was here, and I wish he could have stayed with us longer.

Marvin Family, Orlando – FL

We wish to thank TravelMate USA for having given our family the opportunity to host a student. During Bianca’s stay it was quite a rewarding experience and one that our family will always cherish. It’s amazing that in a few months Bianca became more than just a student we were hosting. She became like a daughter and is now in every sense of the word a part of our family. We celebrated her birthday, went out Trick or Treating, enjoyed Thanksgiving and she even assisted in decorating the Christmas Tree. Once again thank you for bringing into our lives this amazing experience.

Perez Family, Orlando – FL

My high School abroad was extraordinary! My host family was great and they did everything to ensure I had the best experience ever. They helped me a lot during the whole time I stayed there, making sure I was adjusting well to this new country. They really made me feel as part of the family and I’m sure all friendships I made there will last a lifetime.

Bruna Batistus, Brazil

My experience in the USA was great! It was a little hard in the beginning but my host family was very nice and really helped me adjust into this new culture and language. Every day was a new adventure and I would always learn something new. I’m really thankful for this experience, especially for my host family because they really made me feel at home. I would definitely do everything again if I could.

Alice Cavassola, Brazil