Host Families

Living with a Host Family
Host families are the most important part of the American High School experience. Travelmate USA carefully screens all families before placing students. Once the student application is submitted to Travelmate USA the placement process begins. Our staff will work on matching the student with a family who has similar interests, beliefs and life style.

Please note that American families come in many shapes and sizes and from various religious and ethnic backgrounds. We will do our best to provide the best possible match but we cannot guarantee any specific host family request. In some locations, families might be bilingual and speak both English and Spanish at home. This is a great opportunity for students to develop communication skills in both languages while in America.

In most cases, students have their own private room but sometimes sharing a room with a sibling of the same genre and age group might take place. Double placement with a student from a different nationality is also a possibility and Travelmate USA will inform the student when the placement is confirmed. Host families provide half board during the week and full board on weekends and holidays. During weekday, students buy their own lunch at school.

What does a Host Family provide?
Every host family is different and they can range from a single parent to a mother and father with many children. Each family will have their own lifestyle, which often results in a variety of types and sizes of homes. However, students can expect the following from all Travelmate USA host families:

A fully furnished bedroom with storage space for clothes and personal belongings
A homework space
Breakfast and dinner at home during school days
Breakfast, lunch and dinner on weekends and holidays
Location no further than 45 minutes from school. This distance in often much shorter in the majority of locations but in big city areas 45 minutes is normal
All families are located in a safe neighborhood of the city
The student will be treated as member of the family, therefore will be included in all family outings and activities (Students should expect to pay their own costs when joining the families in such activities)

Benefits of Living with a Host Family
Deeper immersion into the American culture
Practice a foreign language with native speakers in their day-to-day lives
Safe environment with parental guidance and support
Eases cultural adjustment
First hand experience and a great way to meet new friends and get involved with activities outside of school

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